I want to thank the Globe for its comprehensive editorial in favor of the Newton Northland project (“With a ‘yes’ vote on March 3, Newton can pave the way to fairer future,” Feb. 24), which systematically addressed the compelling reasons for the residents of the city to vote yes in the upcoming referendum. As a Newton resident and homeowner, I wholeheartedly agree that we can no longer treat our city as an island, leaving solutions to our most pressing problems — climate change, lack of housing, transportation, affordability — to other communities. We don’t need 800 new housing units in Newton — we need 8,000, or more.

No one likes change, it’s never easy, and it’s always easier to say no than yes. But I not only want my descendants to be able to live in Newton; I want them to be able to live — period — and that means we need to change.

The City Council deserves praise for the painstaking process that resulted in its approval of the Northland project. We should not, and cannot, let fear of change undermine our city’s future.

Bryan Decker