The referendum being held March 3 (Super Tuesday), regarding the Northland Newton project,, deserves an enthusiastic yes vote. Northland Development will be creating 800 new housing units, including 140 affordable units, the largest number in our recent history. This project was approved by the City Council 17-7 on Dec. 2.

The council’s decision was arrived at after two years of public hearings, many meetings with neighbors, community groups and local businesses that led to substantial improvements in the environmental sustainability of the project buildings, a transportation plan that will take cars off our roads and the creation of an unprecedented amount of open space that will include a village green, several new parks and playgrounds and 750 new trees. We will all be able to use this space.

Voting yes will support social and economic diversity while addressing our serious housing crisis, enabling people who work in Newton — teachers, city employees, first responders, young professionals, and many older adults who have lived here for a long time, to once again be able to afford to live here.

Northland Development will be the most environmentally sustainable mixed-use project in the Commonwealth. The project is being endorsed by all of our local climate change activist groups. Northland plans to facilitate safer bicycling and walking infrastructure and has committed to improving access to public transportation by providing free electric shuttle service from the development to the Newton Highlands T station running every 10 minutes in perpetuity, creating mobility for those who don’t drive, don’t own a car or just want to stop driving.

— Lois A. Levin and Helen Rittenberg

Chestnut Street, Newton

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