On March 3, vote yes. Ask for the special ballot. Support Northland .

At a meeting the other night I heard an anti-Northlander say they just want to “pause ” the project and that they are not ant-development. Other anti’s take umbrage when it is affirmed they are NIMBY’s.

But the reality is that they are mostly anti-development and happy to put housing elsewhere, just not here. How do we know that? Because Metro-Boston suffers a tremendous housing shortage due to an increase in jobs and an already existing inadequate housing stock. We are talking about tens of thousands of units of housing. Yet no matter how well negotiated the proposal between the City and the developers, the anti’s always say it is too large and it just needs to be smaller.

So, if we downsize developments even more and refuse to agree to adequate new construction in one place, eventually it will go somewhere else, same for any apparent increase in traffic which could end up making the Mass Pike, for example, even slower during rush hour in and out of Boston when the housing we do not allow here gets built on precious farmland and green spaces west of here.

So I conclude that the anti’s are not really requesting just a “pause” in the Northland proposal. They want to grab the proposal with their paws, sink their claws into it and destroy it.

Please be a thoughtful voter, vote yes.

— Bill Dain

Harvard Circle, Newtonville

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