Bike Newton’s Endorsement Letter 

Bike Newton’s mission is to make biking in Newton safer and promote bicycling as a viable mode of transportation. The Bike Newton steering committee has voted to endorse the Northland development. We believe Northland will have a positive impact on the safety and viability of bicycling in Newton because it will:

Enhance Connections to the Upper Falls Greenway

  • Northland enhances connections from the Upper Falls Greenway, a one-mile path for walking and biking, that connects the upper falls neighborhood to Needham St.
  • As part of the special permit, Northland will contribute $5 million dollars to study converting the rail bridge into a bike path to Needham and a possible extension of the Green Line.

Provide 1,100 bike parking spaces

  • Northland will feature secure bike parking for 1,100 bikes for residents, employees, and customers.

Connect to Needham St. Protected Bike Lanes

  • Newton will be getting the city’s first protected bike lanes when Needham Street is reconstructed with sidewalk-level bike lanes. With these new protected bike lanes, getting to and from the site by bike will be a viable option for residents of Northland and surrounding neighborhoods.

Establish a Walkable and Bikeable neighborhood

  • Northland will create a new walkable, bikeable neighborhood designed according to complete streets principles which prioritizes slow car speeds and safe walking and biking.

Create Safe Crossing at Charlemont Street

  • As part of the project, Northland will construct a safe crossing at Charlemont Street featuring a pedestrian walk signal and a bike lane through the development.

The Bike Newton steering committee urges Newton residents who value the ability to move around safely by bike to vote “Yes” on the referendum on March 3rd.