Post by Greg Reibman

Many of us on Village 14 have been following the Northland project closely over the past three years and are quite familiar with the ways the project has changed over the years (for example, it shrunk from 2 million square feet to 1.1 million square feet and about a year ago Northland decided to place all the parking underground in order to create more parks and open space).

But as we get closer to the March 3 referendum, I’ve been running into a lot people who understandably are just beginning to learn about the project; including some who aren’t even that familiar with the location.

That was the case with a neighbor, who recently asked me how “800 apartments, as well as office, retail and parks could all fit into Marshalls Plaza?”

The answer is, it can’t. Marshalls Plaza is only a small portion of the three parcels making up the 22.7 acre project that a super majority of the Newton City Council has rezoned and approved, 17-7, for redevelopment.

If you want to better understand the pros and cons of this debate, check out the web sites for the Yes side or the No side. But if you’re just starting to learn about this and aren’t totally familiar with the location — or what it would be replacing — begin by watching this video tour created last year by Jenna Fisher at Newton Patch.

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